******* Musician!

Ok here we go, here the story of a poor and stupid groupie girl who fall in love for this guys.I was at a festival , with my friend and we went to a after show i dont know how but anyway...I met this guy there,guitar player i was so sexy with his arrogant look and his disturb hair, and when he came to me with  a drink in his hand like "this is for u babe" i was falling and screaming in my head.

So here we go i passed the night with him and after we saw each other again and again , i went to the repetitions , in tour instead of holidays!We were stuck each other!After 1 and a half year of passion and perfect realtionship (perfect , it was always lot of fight i admit), he had to go in an other town for 3weeks for his recording  period of a new album ,was great for him!So he left ,and i dont received any text message , anything! no news...So by the way i didnt send him mess too,cause i dont like to be like a stucking stupid girl.So anyway he cameback home and said to me," i have see more far in my life, i need some change ,i have 2solutions , u fallow me in USA or we are not together anymore and i find an other girl cause i can have all the girl of the world!"! like that waouch!!!because his manager and label record put him some stuff in the head, like a ******* idiot,with no brain!like i have to quit everything for his face and  the point is he never made any sacrifices for me, i fallow him in tour cause we cant had holydays together, i was there when he did a bad gigs, when he had a overdose , but like that i have to quit everything for him!!!no way!!!!So he left just like that and left me here with a broken heart and nothing else.

After 7years thinking about him without new (i had some other bf in this time but not like quite as much passion as for him), he came back in town for a gigs and text me that he wanna see me again...What will u do girl , like a stupid woman i run for the gigs, we passed the night together and he told me he steal love me, and he always think about me.And it make quite a long time that he had no girlfriend..I was not thinking about him and he told me this ****!why?!because te point is , i'm not ready for him again and if i become, will he be there when i came back?

One day i went to USA in his town, we drank a coffee  and he confess to me that he have one girlfriend since4 years, they dont live together but they are thinking about moving together , but that he steal thinking about me,and if i was there he will be living with me foryears and years, like playing with me...I hate him cause i dont know what to think i dont know what to do..?i'm steal here , with a good job ,a good  flat lot of guys but no love...I DONT WANT TO FALL INLOVE AGAIN THAT ALL I KNOW...

twiggypop twiggypop
22-25, F
Feb 25, 2010