I Have To Say, If I Had A List Of Who I Wanted To Kill, He'd Be Right At The Top.

He calls me a **** yet he's been with the same amount of people I have, he tells people I chased him around the house with a knife and stabbed him which never happened then calls me the compulsive liar. He hates me so ******* much just because when we were first going out I told him I wouldn't do cough medicine and five months later I did. He constantly asked me why and when I told him I felt like it he didn't believe me, he said it had to be something he did and when I told him over and over it wasn't he told me that he needed a real answer or we're breaking up he said he didn't care if I made something up, just to give a real answer so I made something up and told him it was because of him and he got all pissed off and hung up on me so things just went downhill from there he never believed me with anything. He left to Ohio and we eneded yo getting into a really big fight over the phone and he called me a ***** and what not so I was quite depressed and got treally drunk and slept with my ex. I didn't tell him about it until we broke up because I felt so terrible and I really didn't want to hurt him. but then I found out he slept with someone else so I ended up telling him anyway which made him talk even more **** and now so many people hate me because of him I'm the "phychotic *****" pshh... He always told me to just kill myself already and that he'd give me the gun. Actually, I think his last words to me were "You're a discusting *****. Don't call me until you're about to kill youself"

I'm so over that. he can suck my ****.

starnostarr starnostarr
18-21, F
Mar 4, 2010