I Hate/love My Ex- Liar Boyfriend

First of all, sorry about my bad English.

We met a year ago and we've been together since august. We kinda broke up in the last 2 months. No saying goodbyes and anything. He just stopped talking to me.

I loved him, and I still do. I think he loved me too as he said. But it might actually be a lie. He did so many things for me, he always said that he loved me. We were happy then.

We are both college students. We have to pay a big amount for school. His grades wasn't really good, so his father decided not to pay for his school. Also he is not living with his family, they are not in the city. His father also decided not to pay for anything. Not school, not house(heating, water, electric etc.),food, not anything. He kinda dumped him. He withdrew money and he has to pay it back every month. He was working for a job but he doesn't actually have time ( We don't even have personal time. We always have projects and project group meetings at nights...) It is really stressfull to him.

We had a fight 2 months ago. I didn't know about all these he never told me but he behaved me like crap. Anyway two weeks later we made up.

I was trying so hard to help him ( trying to find us a job etc). He told me he didn't need my help. We couldn't see each other too much during that time. He was always unhappy and I understood his situation but I also felt really really bad.

Then after a week, he told me he needs a break. He said we can meet once a week only. He told me that we will be together again when he figures it out. No talking on the phone no nothing. Isaid OK. First week, we met. He told me he loved me and he missed me. Then I didn't see him for a week as we agreed before.

Next week, we were supposed to meet again. I was talking to him on the phone, about where we meet. I asked him sth. It was sth like what did you eat. He shouted at me that I had no right to ask him anything. Then I got on the bus to where we meet. He texted me that he doesn't want to see me and he doesn't want me to come. I asked why, he just said he doesn't want to see me.

This was really hard for me even I got used to his latest behavior. (he always got angry with me even I didn't do anything to harm him).

I went to the bus stop to go back. It is in front of his home. I was talking to him on the phone and I asked him to meet even for 5 minutes. He shouted at me so much because I asked him that. I waited at that bus stop for an hour and he knew I was waiting there. He also knows the bus schedule.

We texted each other the next day but as always he was angry with me.

He said that he didn't have time for anyone -not for me not any of his friends. He said he doesn't like to get out because then he has to spend money. I tried so hard not to make him spend any money. Thats why we only sat next to each other or walk around when we got together.

A few days later I called him. He answered the phone. I had never seen him like that before. He shouted at me too much because I called him. I said I only wondered him whether he was OK, he shouted at me again saying that I didn't have the right. He shouted at me for the whole speach. I was never in this situation before, so I started crying silently. He guessed I was crying so he again shouted at me because of it. I said that I was sorry, he shouted at me because I said I am sorry. In the end, he shouted realy loudly saying "GO TO HELL! LEAVE ME ALONE! I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU ANYMORE! LEAVE ME ALONE!! GOODBYE!" I couldn't believe what I heard and I was really scared that he would beat me if I talked to him face to face.

He just told me that he loved me 9 days ago. I think that was also a lie.

I got used to his behavior, behaving me like crap and getting angry at me for everything I say, everything I do. But that much shouting and rage, I couldn't handle it. He wasn't the boy I loved.

I didn't see him after that until today (about 2 weeks). I texted his brother a few days ago about his pay day (bank). He didn't answer me of course.

Today, I saw him with his friends. He was soo happy and they were going out. He didn't even go home tonight. I guess I was the only problem for him that he needs to get rid off. He should've just told me that. I know now that he didn't love me

I cried to much for him. If I had any idea that he was like this, I would run away from him as far as I could. I don't know what I did that bad to him to make him behave me like this. But I just hope someone does the same thing to him and he regrets everything he did to me. He caused me a lot of pain, hope he pays for them. I am really stupid because I still love him.

Right now I do hate boys. I need to give his stuff back, and the ring he gave me. I just wish I never met him. BUT I still want him back.

I can't decide what to do, return his stuff back or just wait for him. I couldn't even speak to him. There is no break up talk, nothing. It feels like it is an unfinished business. I want to talk to him but I am scared that he might beat me up. He changed so much and that person he changed into might actually hurt me.

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Hi,<br />
<br />
I just read your story and felt that I should let you know your not alone and im <br />
Sending you a hug :). <br />
<br />
My ex- partner of only a week is cruel and manipulative also. One thing worse is<br />
<br />
He financially used me and now that I have no money left for him to use <br />
he has told his rich family lies about me so they will get him a house and everything elsewhere he n