MY Ex Is a Crazy *****


One of my ex’s let’s call her mega *****, we started dating when we were 19 and we where together for 2 years not a full 2 years seen she thought it a good idea to test me and break up with me every 2 weeks ( why did I stay with her? I must have been insane)

So I met her when she was dating her teacher at uni, that should have been the first sign I was nuts and went and had myself committed, and I was dating someone else, and when my girlfriend at that time cheated on me and we broke up I turned to my friend with a broken heart as you do, and of course she comforted me and we ended up spending a lot of time together, and after 4 months I was over the cheating girlfriend so my friend asked me out and I thought she was nice and I had started to develop feelings for her so I said yes, for the first month we spend every day together (we were young so no silly noises) and things where really good, then after the first month things turned bad her best friend hated me and hated that we were lesbians and tried to turn her against me and they went away on some church thing for a weekend and I was pissed off so I said I hoped she died I was very angry so of course my girlfriend got angry at me and wouldn’t talk to me so the weekend was almost over and I got a call at like 5 am Monday and we said we were both sorry and I thought we had made up oh how wrong I was at this point for the rest of our relationship she decided that I needed to be tested to prove that I would be loyal and could be trusted, so when she got home from the weekend away she come and see me crying her eyes out saying that she didn’t think she could stay with me because her grandmother wouldn’t approve of her being with a female and her grandmother wouldn’t be around forever and that we should split up so of course I was upset and  we were apart for a few days then she turns up again saying she can’t stand it she has to be with me, so we got back together  ( I should have said no, stupid, stupid, stupid I know) so things were ok for a while we would have our fights and everything, so then I spent a month with my best friend (male, gay, his boyfriend was with us) drinking and doing some crazy things but I would call her ever night to make sure she was ok and everything  and during this time her ex girlfriend (her teacher from uni) turned up with no place to stay broke and so on you know the story so for some crazy reason she said she could stay (why did she do that the crazy *****) and when she told me of course I was pissed off can you understand? The next day they spent the day together at the beach I wasn't happy and I stopped talking to her for a few days and just got totally **** faced and stoned with my best friend, and after that I went home and I finally called her and guess  what she told me ? she said that I was cheating on her with my gay male best friend (Hello I’m a lesbian he is gay why doesn’t she get that) and said that we should split up so I was a so angry and pissed off (please tell me you understand) so for a week I kept calling her and screaming at her and to hurt me she told me that she slept with her ex and I got so pissed her and so did she, I went over there to yell at her in person and we got in to a fight and she started throwing things at me I’m so lucky I ducked , so we were apart for a week or so when she turned up to talk to me and told me that is was just a big lie she hadn’t slept with her she just wanted to hurt me for spending so much time with my friend so we forgave each other, and got back together, so things where ok the first time we had sex after we made up I couldn’t even look for her and I ended up crying during it but she didn’t care, so  after that things got rough with her mother, I’m not sure why bit her mother called me up telling me that I was a bad influence and if I didn’t stay away from her angel of a daughter (If her daughter is an angel I’m a ******* saint then) then she would come after me and cut me, let’s say that was a little scary but we stayed together for a while with a few more fights then one night while her mother was out we were having sex in her room where she dislocated her shoulder and of course I laughed I couldn’t help myself and she got pissed off which coursed us to split up again by this time we had broken up so many times my friends were ready to kill her to tell you the truth I wasn't far behind them so 2 more times after that we broke up and got back together till it happened for the final time well so I though anyway, so she went overseas to see her grandmother and she said when she come back we would talk and try to salvage some of our friendship she was away for 4 months so it gave us both time to come to terms with everything that had happened, so that was ok then when she come back everything changed, she was totally in love with me and wanted to be with me forever, and by this time I had lost all feelings towards her so I said no and this went on for months and months till it come to where we couldn’t talk at all so we stopped then a few days before Christmas her “friend” calls me up and tells me that they had sex and then decided to tell me everything they did while they were in bed and I could hear my ex girlfriend  beside her telling her things so I got pissed off and hung up (if you don’t know I have a very bad temper) we didn’t talk for a while then I heard that she had slept with her neighbour who was married and I called her and had a go at her (I ended up sleeping with a married woman also) I know I shouldn’t have we totally stopped talking after that for a few years then I thought maybe there had been enough time for us to start talking again oh how I was wrong we spoke for a week and ended up fighting so we stopped again then when I was having pretty much the same trouble with my married girlfriend (see that's why I shouldn’t have gave her a hard time) so I txt her to ask why we went wrong and for a week things were going good then she said I know you still want me and want to go out with me so why are you pretending and the fighting started again I hate her for being such a ***** and not even trying to salvage out friendship and that's my story.

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I don't think you can always remain friends with people that you are involved with because sometimes, some people think that if you want to salvage your friendship, in their mind they think you are opening the door to take them back. So with those types of people you just have to let them go. I hope you find someone who will treat you good.