I Hate My X

I was married for 11 yrs and have 3 beutiful athletic boys. I left my husband because he has no personality and would drink 10-20 beers a day, I never had any say in our marriage even though I was working full time and good money at a professional job. When I tried to move out of our house he refused to take my name off the deed of our house untill he was told that I could qualify for our house plus the house I was purchasing. I paid all my attorney fees four the 3 yrs it took to settle the divorse. He is one of the cheepest men I hve even known you have no Idea. I felt sorry for his so did not ask for any back child support for the 3 yrs he dickered over small issues and small amts of money. I recieve about 40 dollars a month in child support have been divorsed for 8 yrs. I pay for the kids health insurence all the clothes for both our houses all the athletic equipment all the extra activities they do, there phones all the school supplies and also have to give them spending money because there dad gives them nothing, if I put extra money in there lunch accts at school he will send them to school with no money and use the money I put in there accts on the days he has them. I live with my boyfriend who fully supports his exwife she does not work he pays for everything. The amt of money that goes out of our household for supporting children is astronomical. How does this happen? My ex and I make about the same income and we shared time with the kids. My ex will tell the boys he pays me child support that is my he will not pay for things they need....40 dollars right please might as well keep it. My ex is so cheep the boys just sit and wantch tv at his house I have purchased video games and game systems for all of them and they take them to there dads and back to my house again games get broken and machines have broken he will not replace them. My son had library books at his house and he wont return them to me for months. I get mail at his house including bills and he will not give it to me. I hate him so much I dont knwo what to do will all the anger.
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well my papa, drank like that and now he has liver cancer

He did not show his true colors intill after we had our first son. He has no emotions, he does not know how to bond with people. I did not see it intill I moved in with him and was pregant shortly after. You are right he is no a man, I couldnt have said it better, I am just know sure why this is happening to me and my kids. Luckly I can support them fairly well, I wish everyday that I had some financial help with the boys. I was young did not know any better and recieved bad advise from my mother who was more interested in the wedding then who I was marrying

He is not a man, a good man. There are pretty good ones in the world. Why married such a man before considering carefully?