How To Find It In My Heart To Forgive This

I was once married to a man who claimed to be sealed within the Mormon church.  Well, I later found out that being sealed meant this was a ritual he participated in with his first wife. Who, by the way, I had no idea about when my husband and I first met. You see, my husband was still married when he and I began dating. I wouldn't find out about this until 3 months into our relationship.
Fast forward about 6 years later. By this time we had a beautiful family with our 3 handsome boys. He refused to attend church with the boys and I unless it was the Church of Latter Day Saints.  The boys and I always went to church on our own. If you have read my previous post, you know that I had all 3 boys within 5 years. I had a handful to say the least...soooo, attending church services was more like a workout at the gym for me. I always left with my soul feeling unfed and my nerves shot.
I never took my boys to church like I should have while they were young.  I regret this, I am ashamed of it, BUT I wish I would have had more help and support from my ex husband. The boys are much older now and do not require "goodie" bags to be packed in my purse to keep them occupied during a church service.
What I find comical and ironic is the fact that the ex-husbands new wife (I refer to her as his latest victim) sent me an email that discussed how her very own father was a devout christian and highly decorated military beefcake. It's funny because they don't even have a family together, yet my ex husband goes to a christian church with her....LOL.....

Isn't it amazing how much our ex husbands learn from us, the ex-wives???  LOL.... We get them trained and then they are finally the perfect husband....only they are a day late and a dollar short....LOL.  Why could he not have been a good father and just gone to church with the boys and I???  LOL

She must have his nutsack tied to a leesh that she strings along with her wherever she just seems that since they have been together that its been all about what "she" wants.  That is something that has never changed.....the fact that he just doesn't ever seem to give a damn about what his boys want!!!!  The fact that he finally puts the woman in his life first...well...thats all thanks to yours truly!! He learned his lesson from me regarding that priority!!

Thank God for divorce!!!!  And I had every right to do it since he was the Mormon practicing infidelity the entire time!!!!  The cheater!!!! The liar!!!! The thief.......
Someone may need to explain to him that vaginas loose their gumption after awhile...he may want to consider a new hobby soon!!!

....I'll Be Back...
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"...he was the Mormon practicing infidelity the entire time!!!! The cheater!!!! The liar!!!!"<br />
<br />
Unfortunately, as i came to learn first hand, the Mormon / LDS faith and lying / cheating go hand-in-hand as the faith itself is ba<x>sed on lies from the very start. I am sorry that you had to go through this but am very happy that you found your way out. Good luck in the future.