Woke Up...

I had a bad dream. I woke up on Sunday morning. I wanted to go to Church today. I need it desperately!! How can I go to church when I wake up with immediate hate in my heart?

I'm not a member to any State Bar Association, but at this point I feel strongly that I could do a much better job at representing myself than my Attorney even attempts to do at this point.

I am contemplating paying off the last $400 that I owe him with my tax return and then just politely sending him a written letter with my payment TELLING him, not asking him to please withdrawl from my case.  The last time I checked an attorney must show that they are doing their DUE DILIGENCE to represent their client(s). My current attorney probably couldn't answer 5 questions correctly about my situation.

I woke up crying.  I shouldn't feel sad. I should feel safe. I should feel like my attorney is going to do the best he can for me. My questions should be answered that I email to him, and I shouldn't be ignored and my mind left to freak out! I've always had this attorney, for 5 years now, and in that 5 years not once do I really feel like the Judge has heard me.  I want to fight for my children, fight for what they deserve, they need a decent life. It seems all these attorneys are after is continuance after continuance and appearance fees.

I won't make it to church today. I pray for forgiveness and feel gulty for asking for anything.
BrokebutBlessed BrokebutBlessed
1 Response Jan 29, 2012

Definitely get a new attorney, there are plenty of them out there. I wish I would have gotten a new lawyer in my divorce, but didn't, and he convinced me to settle when it wasn't what I needed. Good Luck and Stay Strong. God loves you and is by your side, No Matter What.