I Hate My Ex-husband

so my ex is such the *** after years of divorce to me still.. sooo how about i leave his SS# all over the net ..the bastard has beaten me so bad even while i was preg ..i almost lost my baby many times over but his daddy being the chief of police, he got away with beating me..beating his first wif(which I had noooo idea of) beating his new gf...and I mean beatings including kicking hair pulling...spitting in my face ..it was a nightmare...hes a bully and had his family covering...I tried to be friends but he thrives on inflicting pain...deep deep pain
miseryliveson miseryliveson
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1 Response May 5, 2012

I wouldn't want to be friends with such a mean person. Be happy you got away from the abuse, and pretend he magically doesn't exist anymore. I went throught the same thing, but more mental abuse than physical. I'm stuck with sharing our son, and I have to see him. But sometimes I just wish he would go away for ever! It's so pointless for him to be around. All he does is cause pain, hash up old memories. I hate the day I allowed myself to fall for him and especially get pregant by him. Yuck!