My Ex: Poster-boy For Narcissism And Sociopathic Behavior

I was married for 12 years to an abusive narcissist. He fits all the criteria and for 12 years chipped away at my self-esteem to the point that on our 10th anniversary I begged him to stay with me knowing that he was having an affair with a woman 12 years younger (she was 26). He abused me verbally, psychologically, emotionally, sexually and physically throughout our marriage.

Now that we have been divorced for nearly 6 years, he abuses me through email, text messages and financially through the court system. He actually filed a claim in Family court because our two kids (ages 12 and 15) chose to walk me down the aisle the evening of my wedding to a wonderful man this past summer and not go to their dad's house. First he called the local police and reported the kids missing and then filed a claim stating that I was keeping the children from his regular visitation (I have primary custody). So now, I have to pay an attorney to fight this a**hole in court. Additionally, while I provide Health Insurance for my family, including separate policies for dental, orthodontic and vision, he has refused to pay his court ordered 60% of the kids medical expenses (which now total well over $1000). He is obsessive and controlling. He remarried the much younger girl immediately after the divorce, has a young child and yet is obsessed with controlling the lives of myself and my children. My eldest is dealing with depression and I have had years of therapy and have been diagnosed with PTSD as a result of the abuse of this man. Truly, he is a vile human being.

Finally, after many years of healing after a devastating and financially draining divorce, have the chance to have a wonderful life with a kind, caring, faithful, loving man who is my best friend. My ex is determined to make our lives challenging and create stress just 3 months into our marriage. I really wish he would just leave us all alone.
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I had the same problem with medical reimbursement. If you have income withholding through your county, they can also add the unpaid bills to his regular child support payments. I sent in over $700 in unpaid medical bills and received an extra 20 percent on my basic child support for nearly a year. I, too, am re-married to an incredibly humble, kind and generous man.

I'm on the same boat as you. I know how you feel my ex is taking me to court also. Makes me wonder what the heck do they want still??? Or why so much hate?? I wish you luck. I can't wait till my ex signs his rights sure it will affect my kids but as long as he is gone both my kids and I will be at peace.

Boy can I ever relate to your story in so many ways. My ex continues to try to make my life difficult. My two youngest decided a couple of years ago they wanted to live with him and I fear what his derranged ways are doing to them.

People like him need to be beaten down by other people like him who will do to him the same. You are too good to have had such bad experiences with this man. He has no idea what being a good person means. I'm sorry for your experiences with such a creature. Keep standing your ground. Make sure that whatever he does is a waste of time when it comes to you and your children.