What An Incredible *******

I am currently getting a divorce. it was supposed to be over with 2 months ago but my soon to x husband all of a sudden shows up with council and puts in a paper to try to get sole custody of my kids and tells them that my whole family is crazy and doesnt need visitation. then has the audacity to ask for child support and alimony since i worked the whole time supporting the family.. and he wants me to keep insurance on them. and demands i change my last name asap so his family wont look bad!!!!!!! he is an abusive druggy/ alcoholic that cant hold a job to save his ***...after getting away from him i cant beilieve all the **** that coming in the air! I let him beat me and my kids even the ones that aren't his for 5 and a half years!!!! and now he's doing this to me just because hes tribal and thinks he can do anything because his family runs the tribe well im not tribal and neither are my kids and i hope my lawyer nails his *** to the wall.
sabrinaastro sabrinaastro
26-30, F
Dec 3, 2012