I Wish He Was Dead

Well I have been divorced for 9 years now and am still being bulliedee and controlled by my ex. I have not seen my kids age 10, 12, and 14 since March of this year. We have not changed any custody papers but this is the second time he has decided to take my kids from me. We had been doing week with him and week with me, and it was really putting stress on my kids because when they went back to him he would weigh them on the scale when they got to his house and his 3rd wife would punish them if they gained a pound while they were with me. I had just signed them up for therapy to help them cope with the stress, and he managed to convince them I was crazy for wanting them to talk about their problems. The next week they went to his house and I have not seen them since. I do not have the money to go to the attorney again. The judge believes everything he says, I had pictures of stripe bruises he put on my son with a belt and the judge asked him if he did it and of course he said no and that was it nothing was done to protect my kids from that monster. He told my kids when the judge talked to them in private that he was recording everything they said so they were afraid to tell the judge the truth about the abuse. I am at the end of my rope because I don't know what to do or where to go to find help for my kids. They deserve to have a good life, not a life being controlled by him. Its funny how people get away with this without ever being punished. I would just be glad for someone to believe me and it would make me feel like a person again instead of trash. If anyone has any suggestjons I would be grateful. It is hard fighting to be a mom and to have no one to turn to for help, I still cry every night for my kids and feel helpless to stop this psycho from ruining their lives.

stopped paying for my vehicle so they woul come and get it so that I had no way to take my kids any where. He left us all day and wouldn't come home until 2 am with no vehicle, no phone and sometimes no food or milk for my baby. My mom had to go to the store and bring my baby formula
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My ex has shot at me and allowed his dad to make sexual gesturez to me. He has hit me choked me and now he has my kids. He filed false reports to ss because he couldn't stand that I am happily remarried. He failed a drug test and still got custody only because his dad is a retired cop in our county. He lies all the time drinks does drugs and uses our kids for revenge. I am so sick of him. He drives me crazy. Sometimes I wish he would get hit by a bus.

Don't wish that upon your X!! When u dis' your X u dis' your kids. Wish him to grow up and be someone that your kids can be proud of. I know how u feel, but think of this when his ****** you off-" God grant me serenity for the people who I cannot change, and the courage for the one I can. And the wisdom to know that one is me.". If he is abusing them keep calling child service over, and over. Child Abuse is never acceptable. Also there is no need to ever hit a child with a belt, because it will only teach them violence, and humillation. As an adult I cannot hit another adult with a belt. Its called an "Assualt" charge. I bet your x has drug/alcohol problems. Only crack heads can be so cruel to children. Demand the court a drug test on him. Keep your head up and pray.

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The way your husband is treating your kids is not good. It is indeed placing pressure on them. It must be really difficult for the children to keep their neutrality at all times. :/