As Low As It Gets!

If you are remotely interested in my louse of a husband's action well here goes...
The a-hole left me when I got cancer! He said he could do this with me! What the heck? What a low blow especially after being married to this **** ant for 40 years!
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I am sorry to hear that. I think for some reason a lot of men can't handle it when their spouse gets sick. My sister had cervical cancer and one year after her surgery, she finds out that her husband was having an affair. I have no idea why he did that (well, I do have ideas - no morals, he's an ***, selfish, etc) but k ow you are unfortunately not alone in your situation. It really sucks but you are probably better off without that selfish sob. My sister is filing for a divorce, as she should!

My ex tries to get others to agree and understand that leaving me with a health issue is ok because yeah, it's tough. Oh poor guy,go enjoy your life now.

Hi. Sorry to hear about your separation! I can relate since my husband recently pulled the same thing on me. Marriage is supposed to be forever and it's really tough to have to deal with the fact yours is crumbling, especially when your health is not great. You sound like a tough lady and I really hope everything goes well for you! Take care of yourself!