we were together for almost ten years, a second marraige for both of us, we had so much fun and you were the joy of my life. my sons looked to you as a role model. then the bottom dropped out of my world and i suffered a depression so severe that i ended up on treatment and so much instability. but we worked through it, things got better, we grew strong again. then when everything was going great, you decided to cheat with a female co-worker who was determined to have you for herself despite the fact she was also married... what a weak person you were, you lied to me, over and over even when i asked you was there someone else. ":no" you said..."i would never do that to you" you swore. but something about you, the smell of you when you came home, the attitude...
then the anger over nothing, you picking fights and finding fault in me. so i began to follow you. i found you and her in our tent at a camp ground. what an ugly, cheap and filthy person you instantly turned into. and her, with no shirt, her stringy hair punching me in the gut like the white trash she is, you both called me the crazy one. you know what, you each got what you deserved. no matter how many years pass, i will remember the look on your face as you told me our marraige had been over for years. you are a small little person, and no matter how much success on your job you think you have, nothing will ever change the fact you are small and weak. and the **** you were so thrilled to sleep with, has now become a fat hog demanding and selfish. yes, you have exactly what you deserve. after writing this out i think i feel more disgust than hate, i can not believe i wasted so many years wishing you had not left me. thank you for running away from our marriage, you did me a favor, i just wish you had been some sort of real man able to be honest and tell me you no longer wanted to be in the marraige instead of letting me find you cheating, you are a coward.
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Jan 10, 2013