Clipping Mumma Bears Claws

I don't retaliate his hate, I just wish he would go away. I thought that leaving an abuser was the right choice after the birth of our only child as things got even worse at that point. Since I filed for divorce and stopped communicating directly with him 4 years ago he has devoted his life to mkaing ours hell. Despite all his access being supervised under court order, he has managed to physically and emotionally terrorize our daughter and me for years. When she was a toddler he tried to get her to swallow objects, like balloons, that he brought to visits. He told her numerous ways her mother would disappear, die, be disarticulated and eaten. He told her, among many horrible things, that there are rats in her potty and that her maternal grandmother is going to eat her. He pinches, hits and bites her while being "supervised". I know this because my child consistantly tells me all this and more and as a consequence has been seriously disturbed with behavioural issues like irrational fears, sleep problems, self harm and hurting pets and other children. It is next to impossible to find any help for my child because we are are serially involved in litiagation and he files suits and complaints against all proffessionals involved with us. We have been forced by CPS to live in shelters and sheltered housing for years because they, and others, have deemed him a real sociopath. We have had an indepth parental assessment and a trial that lasted more than three weeks. I have full custody and he remains having supervised access and STILL he is able to hurt and torment. This is because he is a brilliant con man.The judicial system is enabling this abuser. There is no one to protect my child but me and I am chained.
It is so difficult to lead any semblance of a normal life under these circumstances and others have a difficult time relating to this type of hardship. I find strength in you who are able to share these experiences. I have been able to survive thus far by cherishing my daughter, having excellent support, exercising and not indulging too, too far in crutches. i also always have hope that I may win the lotterie by getting an understanding judge or news of an "unfortunate" accident or illness, I'm not picky.
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I'm so sorry as well. I thought my story was sad, it's close, but your ex has uped it to the next level. Something I live in fear about.

I'll keep you in my prayers. Love that little one with all you got!!!!

Jesus, this sounds similiar to my ex-husband in the way you described his charming, yet socio-pathic behavior. My ex would do anything to try to destroy my life and continues to terrorize me any chance he gets and it has been 6 years. I wish there was some way to force them to stop their abusive behavior.

I'm sorry you are being subjected to this.