My Ex Is Extremely Manipulative

I have been sepaarted for 2 years and until 3 months ago, I had primary custody of my children (2 boys aged 13 and 11 years) and no child support from my ex. When i went to court asking for child support, he has started maniuplating the kids and got the kids to request that they live with their father and only spend alternative weekends with me. I am devastated and cannot understand why my kids would do something like this. Did they find me too strict (I was the person who set the rules and made sure they did their homeowrk but I also spend time helping them with school work despite a busy work schedule). I am very confused and feel betrayed by the kids - took them for expensive foreign holidays - tried to be a good mother (or thought I was). I belieev it is my ex's manipulative nature and am scared that he will end up ruining their live - he is bad role model (I was supporting the family finnacially for most of our marriage - he always claimed to be broke), had affairs etc. Court just listened to kid's wishes and granted him custody.
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2 Responses Mar 23, 2013

That is so sad. I am sad for you. These men can manipulate with cool toys and special outings that I don't think of because I'm focused on just living. I don't understand these manipulative minds. I remember my ex lying awake at night thinking how he could revenge on someone. I don't think like that. I do believe that these people who purposefully hurt others will lose in the end. My heart goes out to you. They didn't listen to the kids in my situation so I'm surprised. You could talk to a lawyer and see if there is a way to get them back since you seem to be a good mom. Do you see them often?

Wow, I'm shocked that this happened. Doesn't the courts look at what is best for the children? I have lost my children in a custody battle, but he got the house and makes alllll the money. I had to fight fight fight just to get my legal rights back, now I want physical custody but not enough material change has to happened for me to get physical custody.