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We married when we were young, that was a mistake. We married after just 4 months of dating, that was a bigger mistake. I felt sorry for him because no one wanted him, that was the biggest mistake of all.

He was young and his parents didn't want to deal with him anymore. I was older and felt that I could show him the love he never got. My parents begged me not to do it, I should have listened. We were married on the courthouse steps by the magistrate. His mother paid for it, she was glad to not have to support him any longer. I was stupid and looking to be loved. The first little bit was okay. Not much arguing, we were "happy". Neither of us had a job, and we had to move in with my dad. Thank God for my dad! He started walking around the neighborhood. Sometimes he wouldn't come back till late. We had two dogs, and one had had puppies. We had gotted rid of all of them except one, she was my angel. But my dad said we couldn't keep it, so my husband decided to take it to his mom. I didn't see him until three days later. His sister brought him over, he walked in, grabbed some stuff, and barely spoke to me. I pleaded with him, begged him even. I didn't understand what had happened. We had been married a year, and it had been pretty good. He just left. I carried on with my life. He came crying on my door step a few weeks later. I stupidly gave in. Things got worse, I really feel that I didn't love him anymore. I wanted it to work, but my heart had been broken. The first couple times he hit me, he cried afterward. Vowing to never do it again. Then it became routine. We would physically fight often, not to mention the shouting matches back and forth. There were good days, but mostly bad. He started walking around again. Sometimes he'd be gone over night. He'd come home smelling like pot and booze. He began hanging around young people. All the girls were inlove with him, all the boys wanted to be him. One day we're sitting there, and this guy from up the road come barging in. He yelled, "You been f****** with my daughter?" My husband jumps up and says no, that that's a lie. That the guy is crazy. His daughter was 12. My husband was 17. I didn't believe it. I had seen her, and she wasn't that pretty. Then my husband decides to leave and go work with his cousin. I asked him not to go, he said that he was doing it for us. He came by occasionally. Eventually, I really fell out of love with him. I hadn't heard from him in a month. Back up one second....A woman had came by the house and wanted to talk with me. She was a detective. She told me that there had been accusations from a few girls about my husband having experiences with them. They were all 12. I told her that he had left a few weeks ago, and that I would tell him that she wanted to speak with him if I saw him. A month passed, and I had become a peace with the fact that he was gone. One day, the cops knocked on my door. They said they had to search the place, that my husband had a warrant out for him. I told them he wasn't there, that I hadn't spoken to him in a month. I guess they didn't believe me, so the searched the property. Nothing. When they left, I was quite upset. That was my first encounter with police. Guess who shows up a few hours later. My husband pulled up in a piece of crap car, and stepped out. i was tempted to not even let him in, just closed the door on his face. I didn't. I let him in reluctantly. We sat on opposite ends of the room. It was so ackward. It was like we were strangers.I told him that the cops were looking for him, that he had a warrant out for him. He said that he would go turn himself in when he left. He began to cry. He said, "It's too late for us, isn't it. You don't love me anymore. It's over." I told him that I didn't know what to think, that I didn't know if I loved him anymore. He left, and I cried. His sister came by later and told me he was in jail. We spoke occasionally through three-way calling with his sister. He wrote me some and vowed his love for me. Promising that he would show me how important I was to him. He was in jail a few weeks, then his mom bailed him out. He was being charged with indecent liberties with a minor. We spent that first week together, him making promises that he'd never leave again. I went home, he went wherever. My dad bought me a car, and I got a job almost instantly. I drove my a friend of mine, and my husband happened to be there. I didn't have much to say to him. I left and went home. Time passed, and I became angry. I set out to find him and demand an explaination from him. I found him, but he told me to go home and leave him alone. I left, and I didn't expect to see him again. He showed up a few weeks later in the pouring rain. I had been gone all day, and didn't expect to see him standing there. He cried and pleaded. I didn't want to come back. My dad said he couldn't come back. So he stayed at a mutual friend of ours, and I stayed there to. Eventually I was talked back into giving him another chance. He moved back in and it just got so bad. It was so bad, we fought all the time. I cried night after night. The pain was just sooo much. After four years of being married, I found out I was pregnant. I was devistated. How could I bring a child into this hell? Sad to say now, but at the time I would have destroyed it.  I guess all things happen for a reason. So my husband decides that he wants us to go visit his mom and family for a few days.So we went. Then his younger sister brought a group of friends over, and my husband got along with one of the boys. Next thing I know, he's telling me that he hasn't ever loved me and that he's leaving. I stayed there for about a week, waiting to hear something from him. I heard nothing, so I went home. Eventually I went and to my parents, and told them. They were not happy. I stayed with his sister some, and we got along alright. Eventually, I just really wanted to go home. I had to tell my dad. He wasn't too happy. I told him that my husband and I were seperated, and that i was pregnant. He said, "Well, you need to go to the doctor." So I went and got medicaid and wic. I went to the doctor. It was so scary. I was 24. Eventually he came back in the picture and I tried to make it work for the baby's sake. I had to have a c-section, so I was in the hospital for 4 days. He was there the whole time and took care of my little girl while I stayed doped up. We brought her home from the hospital, and it was all on me. We had moved in with his dad by then, and it was not a great environment. He stayed gone all the time in my car, and I had lost my job. I took care of my daughter always. I woke up at night, i did it during the day. Over and over again. He never helped. He held her occasionally, but it wasn't alot. He stayed gone most of the time. I was so glad when we had to move out of that place. It was awful. We moved in with my mom and stepdad. I was glad to finally have people to back me up. He stayed gone alot. Sometimes days at a time. I would shout at him and cus him. Finally he got kicked out for never working and making money even though he was gone constantly. I went with him to his mom's that first week, but I said I had to take my daughter home. He got ticked off. So phone calls happened, very ugly. Him telling me that he never loved me. I came by a couple times to get some stuff. He spent a little time with my daughter, but not alot. Then he thinks that he's gonna come over and take my daughter with him somewhere. I told him no. So he threatens to slit my throat and burn the house down. My mom called the cops, and I put a restraining order against him. He violated it alot. He got locked up, and called over and over again from the jail. He wrote letters, telling me that he didn't mean what he said. That he would always love me. I wrote back, and told him that he would always be in my heart. Then I find out he has a girlfriend and has her pregnant. I can't forgive him for that, ever. He wants to try and fix things, but that just can't happen. So I tell him goodbye, and walk away. He called on occasion. It was real ugly at first, then he was alright. It's been a year since I saw him. My daughter turns three soon. He hasn't seen her at all in a very long time. He has a son and another one on the way by this girl he's with. I want him to live his life and leave me and my daughter alone. He has never supoorted her in any way, nor will I ever let him. She's mine, not his. He called yesterday and had the never to ask if he could buy her presents for christmas. That's like a stranger buying your child christmas presents. As far as I'm concerned, he doesn't exist. She doesn't know she has a "father". I call him the ***** donor. He's put me through too much. He can't hold down a job, and I truely feel that he cannot love or care about another human being. I want him out of my life for good, and never in my daughter's life.

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I have the same problem. I need to get rid of the one in my life because he still stays in the same house as me. I have divorced him but he just does not want to move out of my house. Please tell me how i can get him out without things turning ugly. My kids is not his own, how did you stop feeling sorry for him. need a hug!!!!<br />
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I absolutely loved your title to this post!! I bet it does feel like you have to deal with "Satan" everyday of your life even if he doesn't call or come around at all!! I can tell that your past with him consumes you, because you stuck to just the facts in your post. You've probably talked and talked and talked not just to others but to yourself about the entire situation so many times that you're good at cutting out the details and just getting to the point about it. I will pray for you and your little angel :)!! The truth is, you are right! This ex of yours is Satan in human form. He is the demon that you have to deal with. I will pray that God gives you wisdom and protection. <br />
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I just joined this sight this morning and Im addicted already!! I have 4 boys. My oldest just left to catch his bus and my other 3 are still in bed. LOL...I have to go try to wake them up for the 10th million time. I hope you post more! Don't be afraid to explain the details. I am a great listener :).<br />
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God Bless.<br />
mick in Indiana

It's been over 2 yrs since I last talked to him. It's been peaceful. He's lived his life, and I live mine. I'm not sure what he's doing, all I know is that he is always in trouble, and I'm not a part of that drama anymore. My lil girl is almost 5 now. She is the reason I live. I go to school full-time and work part-time. She's in preschool and will go to school next year. Everything is fine now, and I've gotten rid of Satan! All that is left, is a final divorce and the full custody papers. Which I'm sure I'll have no problem getting.

I hope you and your daughter are doing well since you wrote this story. a couple of years ago. Would love to hear about any updates.