I married in 1987 and was pregnant and 39 years old. In 1995 I divorced the jerk because of abuse and having to live with his mother and the eighteen pack of beer habit! Oh, did I mention two assault charges?
My daughter and I moved away and lived alone while he continued with his middle age crazies. After two years, his mother got sick and my daughter and I moved back into the house to help and because my daughter was the love of her grandmother's life.
In 2005, I built a new home and moved my daughter from his mother's home to our new home.(without him) Then, he got stage 3 throat cancer. I felt bad because he had no insurance so I put him on my policy in order for him to go to MD Anderson for treatment. (BIG MISTAKE) Texas is a common law state.
I worked long and hard hours to insure he received his treatments. I am a flight attendant and would fly all night from Argentina to Houston, arrive at 0530,drive 35miles home, pick him up , drive 35 miles to MDA, sit with him for chemo, drive back home 35miles, get dressed for work, drive 35 miles back to airport and fly out at 1900 to work all night back to Argentina.
He also had 65 radiation treatments that I helped with emotionally and financially. Oh, did I mention he was brining in absolutely ZERO monies? No retirement, no disability, nada,zip!!!!!!
I would come in from a trip to Tokyo (14 hrs) and there would be people in my pool that I had never seen and he was all like "why are you so anti-social"? Oh, did I mention he was DRUNK? I was tired because I had to go back to Tokyo the next morning!!!!!!!
I asked several times for him to PLEASE leave, but he had a good thing and knew it. I didn't have time or know where I could get a cherry picker to remove his drunk a$$.
Then 3years ago, he found an old girlfriend and started an affair. It was an ideal set up. I would leave for three days at a time and he would drive off to see her. Oh, did I mention I was paying for the cell phone calls and gas?
When I found out and cut his insurance off, he was mad as he!! because he said that I was suppose to pay all that. REALLY? And you are shacking up with another woman?
Well, here I am facing a DIVORCE because he and his little ho bag want my money. He has taken most of our daughter's trust money because he said he needed money for Christmas presents for his new family. My daughter asked,"Dad, what did you but me for Christmas?" Dad: "Not a damn thing!"
He has nothing because when his mother died, his sorry sister did not give him his half. She has kept it. His mother died in 2001! Did I mention that I paid for college loans?
My lawyer says he will get some of my retirement because he was not able to work. Not able to work but able to drink an 18 pack of beer a day and slap me around after breast surgery. Put him in jail that time, too.
I had cancer, too, but somebody had to work so I did.
All I am asking here is a little prayer for me to get through this and keep my sanity. ❤
vvvassar vvvassar
66-70, F
Aug 28, 2014