Still Controling Me

My divorce was finalized last Friday. My ex played nice the last few weeks of my divorce. Encouraging me to find a house here in the area. An "Anchor" he calls it in order to keep me in our town so that I didn't file for full custody and leave town to pursue my career. The career that he has held me back from while he worked on his "Empire". So background info to make story make sense. My Husband owns several rental properties and his buying me out of the business. I chose not to take 1/2 of everything. I just wanted out and I wanted my kids. Kids he wouldn't give me. He decided on a small percentage of what his properties are valued at. The ecomoy in our area forces you to purchase a home because rent is so high. I decided to house shop and found out that since I am coming out of the divorce with nothing more that clothes, to call and check on what my optioins would be for purchasing a home. Didn't look good. No down payment and rent is so high that I would never get anywhere. He says to me I will get a loan for our settlement and just pay you out right. I say cool that is super decent of you. Wow what a great guy. I find a home and find myself going through the offer process. Finalized my divorce, get loan moving on my morage. Have him call and check on the loan he will be providing me. He calls and tells me my credit is screwed because of you. I have made an offer on another house that WAS to be a surprise for you if you were to come back and work it out the marriage but now I have to sell two of my properties. You have ruined my life. You are empty inside and there is something wrong with you. Thanks a lot you a**hole. You never tried to make our marriage work. It was me making everything work and if something was wrong you blamed me for the source and now that there is still negativity in your life that is my fault. Well I could say hurt full things to you to like you sux in bed! You are the worst kisser ever! but no I still remain nice. I never tell you things that I know would crush you like you do to me. I wish we never were married, you sucked the life out of me and made me feel like a had no value if I wasn't doing something to make you money. I treated me like your employee rather than your partner. 

Why act like your so eager to help me and then through me under the bus? Why encourage me to find a home not give the full amount for my full down payment after I have made an offer. AND are you actually going to get that loan. I asked him to sign a contract stating a large balloon payment will be made to me. You take this small contract and take it and have not signed it. Are you going to screw me at closing? How can you be like this. You act like I am the worst person alive and I didn't even take what I was entitled to when we divorced. Are you crazy? I asked you are you not going to give me my loan? You say my word is as good as gold in less something crazy happens.....YOU ARE CRAZY! HOW CAN I TRUST THAT?

Oh and to top it off a mutual female friend of ours is staying the WHOLE WEEKEND WITH YOU!?!  FML!!


I Pray for you to get help and find a center of sanity again.

freefinally freefinally
Mar 12, 2010