I Hate Him And Hate Him...

I divorced because my ex had an affair. I still loved him though at the time of the divorce....and I know that I can move on if he is not around all the time. We divorced 6 years ago and we are both still single. I have told him that I am ok for us to get back together, but he said its better if we started fresh with someone new, but he is always txting and asking me out and its hard because sometimes I go and this has continued for 6 years. Because of this I have started hating him. And I have started avoiding him, the problem is when I avoid him, its my son who suffers, because he will stop visiting and taking our son out.. I hate him, I hate him and I hate what he has done to our son... I just hate him..he is the most selfish person I have ever met, and I hope that we never get back together and that he will die pining away for me. I just hate him..

sunshine1977 sunshine1977
Mar 13, 2010