Me and my wife were married for 10 years..im 20 years older than her..she was jut turning 19.and i was 30''.i lived with her for 2 years befor we got married.told her i wanted to be sure because i had been married 3 times before.she told me not to worry that she would never do anything to hurt me or cause us to be seperated at all..long story short she cheated on me she put me in prison our dog died said she burried him but found out she had someone throw him in the dumpster.when i got out of prison she left me a week later with no money no job and really no place to live..rent was do in 4 days had nowere to go..whats funny the whole time we were together i never even touched another women.never really did anything to her at all..why did she treat me this way..all of our friends were just flabbergasted about it..
myfurrylittlebabies myfurrylittlebabies
Jan 11, 2013