I just broke up with my ex a few weeks ago and no im dating a guy that would never let any thing bad happen to me, but any ways my ex acted like he cared about me but while we were dating and then he turned into a compelety jerk be cause he got bored on day and just randomly burned me with a lighter and then he tried to chop my arms and legs off and i had a panic attack and got mad at him and he wondered why i was mad at him and then i broke up with him and he still wants to be friends but i tried that and then he brought some random guy to my house who kept being rude to me like i was something he had scrapped of his shoe and he kept stairing at me and then my ex wanted his stuff back (which he ended up leaving some of it over here) but i went to go get his stuff and he kept stairing at me and giving me hugs and and poking me even when i asked him not to cause it was making me uncomfortable and i had a new boy friend but he still kept on but he had to go back to work so him and his friend left and now his stuff is still here and i just want to through it over a cliff but he said he would come back to get it but he never did so im wondering if he is gonna pop up again or what?
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Dec 4, 2012