Here a story to beat lol I was with my ex far over ten years since we were 15 and things went down hill. We were together for the kids really. Cutting a long story short she accused me assaulting her. I have never raised my hand to a women in my life but anyways ended up loosing case doing time while she ran off with her new fella (she got with him as soon as I was arrested don't know how they met but explains all those nights she spent at her "mums") she then took my kids moved away and I haven't seen my little boy or girl now for 6 years. Since being out even her best friend since child hood backed me up saying she was lying but the damage is done. I hate men who bully women but I hate people who lie to get what they want.
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I hope you know, there are women out there that are not like that....

Yeah I know it's not a trait of women it's a trait of lying deceiving individual I just had to have one as a ex lol

I think we all have an ex like that... Lol I will soon

I mean them becoming a ex. I hope they don't turn into horrid xxxxx.

Yeah it's hard at first but if you think it's for the best what else can you do ?

Oh ...... Is that good or not ?

In the long run good. But doesn't feel that way now

All my posts are getting confused here lol can I message you ?

Sure you

Oops yes you can lol

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