I Hate You

I hate you so much, you worthless ****.

You bring out the worst in me. I don't hate anyone in this world except you. Why do you still come around? tormenting me with your ugly boyfriend? Do you not have your own family to be with? Why can't you just disappear and never return. Why can't you just be gone?

Why do you have to show you stupid face at my family functions making me feel uncomfortable? have you no shame? Have you no life?

Would you like it if I went to your family parties? It's over now. It's been over for 2 years. I don't love you anymore and never will, so go away and get lost.

I wish i never met you.

I wish we never took each other’s virginity.

I wish I never loved you.

I wish......


I thank god everyday for taking you out of my life.

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Mar 6, 2010