My Ex Is A Douche

My ex is a douche and I think I hate him but I give him the impression Im okay with being friends just to laugh at what he does to his desperate girlfriend. you see my ex was my first love he was my everything my first and he left me last year January sometime and was back with his ex in 3 or 2 days or something. I was hurt and mad for a while kept telling him to leave me alone but he wouldn't cause he supposedly can't lose me as a friend, like what an idiot. Anyways what makes him a douche is that he admitted to me he cheated on his girlfriend, like how much can he hurt her. I mean sure she is fat and a ***** but even she doesn't deserve. and she on the other hand is an idiot too for taking him back in the first place but whatever those two fat slobs deserve each other and I am happy to say I have a new boyfriend who is my new everything and treats me like his queen.
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Good for you. You should be treated like a Queen. Any man who does not treat his woman like a Queen doesn't deserve to be treated like a King. Lucky he is gone.
I treated my ex like a King, but in the end he acted like a douche bag - which is really what he is. I wasted too much time with him.

Never before posted anything on one of these sights but I enjoyed this topic so I'll give it a whirl. Ex is a douche. Was my first love and everything, were together two years. Decided he got cold feet and wasn't 100% sure and some lame excuse. Breakup was mutual, he was tired and I was tired of him. True story he likes to get his penis wet because he's an egotistical jerk. Sure he did it while we were together too. I also helped this said douche keep his pathetic secret from his entire family about a relapsed drug addiction. Also put up with him "wing-manning"
his best friend which was apparently harmless, or so I thought. Found out it was just an excuse to dance and flirt with other girls and who knows what else. Also got kicked out of the said "douche" house...twice. Kid knew I loved him and just how much, dumb love, blind love. Anyway now that I see through the b.s. he's pulling and start to realize he's not Mr. Wonderful, I began to become resentful, and just plain angry. Start fighting a lot, causing dumb drama, and doing the same things he did to get even. Then he decided I wasn't worth putting up with, and that he was unsure. Which led me to realize that's how I felt about him the entire time. I just loved too hard to leave. Here's the best part...We were on the rocks bout 1-2 weeks for we finally made the split and this douche says, "I love you, can't be with anyone else, we should play this song at our wedding, bs bs bs" and guess what.. I believe it, so he got what he wanted and coaxed my better judgment into once last lousy romp with him....very lousy, and then we broke up. Got played yet again and left looking stupid. I had never really dated anyone besides him and he always thought he was God's gift and that he hung the moon and it left no room for my confidence because all his ego ate it up. Not one week after we broke up 5 different men had asked me out, said they were waiting for me to see the light. 1 of him was his friend/coworker! Still had a key to his house so while he was at work I took some guys to it....karma sure is an ugly little thing, and getting even is so worth it. Now I'm back to the confident, strong, beautiful, and always valuable woman I knew I was but thought I had lost. I have the douche to thank, without him being so lousy, I wouldn't have all these men following me around with their tongues out waiting for me to drop a crumb. Really showed me what a real man is made of and what a douche is, and what I should and shouldn't do in the next relationship. Now's my chance to have fun and pick which man is worthy of my attention, devotion, and love. Douche, you will probably never read this, but thank you so much for the opportunity, and may mercy be shown to the poor little trollop you end up with.