Psycotic Online Relationship

I met my exboyfriend through a trusted friend. My ex was 28 (now 29), and I was 19(now 20). I fell head-over-heels for him in a matter of days, though it took him just as long to fall for me. We lived online, as he lived a couple thousand miles away from me, so we spent every moment online together as we could.

A couple months go by, and I've never been happier. He came out to visit me once during our first year together, and I must admit, it wasn't so bad. However, after that first visit, he intoduced me to some of his... "friends". They were an odd-bunch, interested only in sex and cuckolding the males. They tried to constantly pressure me into doing this to my exboyfriend. When I refused to do so, they started to get... violent.

I started to recieve death-threats, to myself, my family, friends.. just people I love in general. My exboyfriend would hire people to follow me around, and scare the living day-lights out of me. I no longer felt comfortable in my own home, and everyone I knew was afraid for me too.

During that time, I met a wonderful man (now my boyfriend) and we started to hit it off. Every time I tried to break up with my ex, he would threaten me more. If it wasn't to give me bodily harm, it was to hurt himself, or his friends (He went as far as to try to trick me into believing he was raped one night, and that his "friends" had a tape of it).

Enough was enough, I eventually had to buy a personal-protection dog that even today, I don't feel secure going out without him if I'm by myself and I broke all contact with my ex.

It's been over a year since I've made contact with him despite his best efforts to make me talk to him again, and I learned only recently that I was not the last female he did this to. He seems to enjoy going after the freshly-legal females online, and try to scare them into being with him after they start to like and trust him.

That's the short version of my horror story.

Kittai Kittai
Feb 11, 2009