Stop Hurting The Kids

me and my wife are married.. for 13 years. about a year ago she had an online affair. which turned into a full at a fair. leaving me to raise our 3 kids for a year. listen to me cry ask where their mother is. 2 weeks ago our divorce was final. and now he wants to tell me how I need to support my kids and his girl. I need to watch how I talk to her and how I treat her. he says there's a lot of disrespect goig on. well this is what I told this mother ******. I say your girl has destroyed a family. put your kids to hurt no 1 should ever experience. he said they're saying you're a man. he's a piece of ****. and I can't wait till our paths cross. he's too chicken **** to come see me. I feel for all of you all.
zach29young zach29young
31-35, M
Sep 14, 2012