She Trashes Me, Yet Doesn't Know Me.

It is strange, his new wife seems to enter in with an automatic hate for me, first wife of nearly 19 years and mother of his kids. I don't hate her, she hates me, bizarre huh? She's so mad because she's realizing day after day that I wasn't the total idiot she thought at first I must have been for leaving such a man. She got her "prize" (LOL!) She did her victory dance and now she's stuck with a total loser. She doesn't know me, has never met me yet hates me.
She badmouths me to my kids, tries to be the good parent. Hello? good stepparent who is "Christian" therefore better than me, good stepparent who committed adultry now trying to legitimize her life to all.
Now, she's realizing how I was so smart to leave him with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. And that ****** her off because she walked into the same mistake I made by getting together with him. Good luck lady, you're going to need it! I hope you enjoy each and every minute of strife, drama, blame, lies and infidelity with that man. You deserve it!
Fiona8195 Fiona8195
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1 Response Mar 17, 2011

O girl do I feel ya- I loathe My self righteous hubbys new wife- she just thinks she is so perfect and does everything in her power to be me, if shes so perfect why try to look like my twin with plastic surgery? O I know why, he is gay and not sleeping with her which is EXACTLY why I divorced his sorry butt after finding the emails and phone sex numbers he had kept for MEN! She can try to be anything she likes but until she grows a PENIS he will never ever love her. I found out the VERY hard way! I even showed the girl the 1000 plus emails of him emailing pictures of himself naked to gay men at the courthouse at our divorce he brought her to. Still she said I dont believe you. Sometimes people are just too stupid to see the writing on the wall. These new women will get paid back in SPADES! Thank GOD My aids and hep tests were negative but this new woman may very well die from her ignorance. We try and warn them, as no woman just up and divorces their hubby after spending so many years with em for NO reason.