My ex and I divorced when my son was five. He was never a very interested dad to begin with. My first experience with the second wife was at my 15 year class reunion when I attempted to be nice by buying her a beer only to be told that she was not 21 yet and not old enough to drink! Gross! Cradle robbing at its finest.

I raised my autistic son with very little help for many years. Child support had to be garnished and visitation was cancelled frequently and on very short notice while they were out having fun.

But oh when she got the magic ring on her finger the childless wonder thought she could give me advice on how to parent MY child. She even had the balls to talk over me as I was talking to MY child in MY home and that was the last time she was welcome in my home. She thinks she needs to have her nose in everything. I didn't need her help the first 13 years and I sure as hell don't need it now!
TheOnlyMom TheOnlyMom
41-45, F
Apr 28, 2014