Its Sad To See

That my sister is a selfish *****, my dad is a broke loser and my mom is a hysteric lunatic.
aesgoalie13 aesgoalie13
4 Responses Jul 9, 2010

i agree but i just dont know my dad and i have two mom step mom and my mother and they say they dont have money last time i check they have money in the bank and a shoe box so please stop ling

OMG! i so feel your pain

do you feel my pain

im sorry u had 2 go though all that be wise and stay stong

im not that stong because i was stab on my back 2 or 3 times

I feel EX-AC-TLY the same about my family. I wonder if you manifested this hatred, quickly creating some kind of love-hate aura between you and them<br />
I can assure this, because it nearly always happen, to show how much I hate my family by the way I reply to them, reacts, or the constant look on my face, even...<br />
I can hardly say that (because of being unable to do so), but the best to do is to be the most diplomatic than possible, and then, as fast as you can, fadeaway at the first possibility.<br />
Perhaps today you did, but there are almost always repercussions...