Im Not Saying Im Perfect But I Grew Up In A Battle Field

 my parents always fighting , and guess what when my older half bro Stefan , he was pretty much like me now , tured 11 they made him go live in ohio when we lived in florida taking him away from his parents and little sisters and half brother we always said whens Stef coming home hes 22 now and still lives up there , i barely now him which is 1 way i dont hate him , one of the few words i said was shut the f up my parents... when i was 4 i ran away when i was 5 like most little kids my parents r divorced and i had to live with norman 4 2 months he ended up hitting me on the face just hard enough to leave a red mark  4 a hour , it could be worst, hes an alcoholic and most of his friends r , he tells me im an ignorant b and i dont know anything ... i dont beleive him,.... and he thinks he knows everything and is .never wrong.. hes an idiot , my mom is a hipicritical moron she blows over all my feelings as just a faze it makes me sick , my sister is damaged as well shes an ocd preppy creep she hates me and i hate back , and my little bro is completely brain washed  he thinks im the enemy and completely repeats what norman says .... so im a big outcast i do have my problems like i have paranoia,i have a whole different life from my family ... im jjust messed up im the head when im with my family ... there goes my fone ... guess who norman!!! i hate him 

if anyone has anyway to help me get threw life till im old enough 2 leave it would b appriciated 
hateandmisery hateandmisery
13-15, F
Jul 13, 2010