Dad,mom, And 3 Sisters... They Drive Me Up A Wall

I am tired of constantly feeling like sh*t because of these people I am genetically related too... the worse part is that I still try to be a part of their lives. My dad could give a **** less about our "family". My mom is verbally and physically abusive... and my sisters are ******* to me... its stupid and hurts me daily, the only times I escaped this iswhen I cut them off, I can't now cuz I live with them... they are just generally mean and then try to judge me for my life when I will be jugded by my own standards its not for them to have any say over....I feel so cold and alone wish I could be adopted by nice ppl...
korngarden korngarden
22-25, F
3 Responses Jul 24, 2010

:-D I agree!

thanks angel, i say screw these biatches and we will move on to productive awesome life!

Oh korngarden, I know exactly how you feel. BELIEVE ME I DO. I have particularly experienced that especially today. My sister is very nasty and cold toward both me and my parents. I have always had to tip toe around her "moods". I can't be myself around my family....i cant. She feels that just because she had influence over me when i was younger, that it means that she has power over me. Now mind you, I am also 25yrs old, she is almost gonna be 30 and she still lives with her mommy and daddy. I am planning this year to go away to college. She is doing nothing with her life.....literally NOTHING. She looks me in the eyes, smirks and degrades me, constantly picking at every flaw that i have, and when I throw it back in her face about how she is she gives me the "this is not about ME" speech. Talk about throwing stones in a glass house. Don't worry. My best advice to you is START LOOKING FOR A NEW PLACE AGAIN. It is going to be tough but do it and remind yourself that you are doing this for you. I hope i helped.