I Can't Take These People

Okay, I know everybody is supposed to love their family. And I know they were always there for me, but they **** me off so much. I was in college and school for a while so I didn't have to talk with them or deal with them. It's time for me to find a job now and my dad is ******* me off so bad. At first, he said I needed to get a job in a week or he would flip out on me. I told him I have some things I may do so relax. Then he tells the whole family what's going on with me and how I don't have a job, etc. And don't say he's just trying to help me because it makes me so freaking mad. My mom is cool but she's just kinda crazy and I can't spend much time around her or else she starts saying crazy stuff as well. And the worst is my dad gets everybody on his side because he talks to them and creates drama, while I just let it go. I forgot how much drama was in this ******* family but I can't deal with it anymore. Let me know if you FEEL ME!!
The35man The35man
22-25, M
2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

My family is all about drama too. And my dad does the same ****, except everyone is smart enough not to take his side because his hobby is bitching about everybody so whatever he says is stupid.