And They Hate Me Too So Its Cool.

well so many family members that hate me. lol. where do i start...... ok lets begin with whom it all began with. my dearest mother. and i use the term losely. my mother doesn't see me as her daughter, but as her competition. she goes out of her way to buy others presents and cloths but she wonte do it for me. she'll buy her friends a cake for their birthday on top of that a present. she wonte even say happy birthday to me. not even a cupcake. lol.

one time she went to celebrate my birthday only i wasn't invited! as hard as that is to believe its true. first of all i couldn't pick the restaurant. we had to go to the one that she wanted. i said ok. then i couldn't invite my friends. she invited her friends. i was taking my GED test and was free after 8pm she got upset saying ugghh but i wanted to go at 5pm. and i promised them already! (her friends) then she sais unless i take them without you. i didn't feel like arguing so i was like fine. god will take care of her i thought to myself. and he did. 2 of her friends didn't go after my mother told them i wouldn't be a part of MY own birthday of them nicely told her well if shes not going then whats the point we're celebrating her birthday. the other one told my mother off to the point that they got into an argument. lmao. i thankd god for that. there is a god.

now this is just one event out of many i could seriously write a whole novel. the most recent thing that she did to show her hatred tours me was just the other day. surprisinglyangel my brother (who also hates me) was like always.... attacking me on my life style. critising me for bein 22 and unmarried.still living with my mother lol. (he got married to his wife when she was 14) the pervert!. (we are from a third world country only thankfully i was born in the usa, god bless america. lol) so then he starts making things up saying ive had alot of abortions (not true) that im ******* left and right (true) (but i always use protection) (not that is any of his buisness) lol. i simply responded with jokes at all the insults and him critisizing my life style. like i would say oh yeah i guess i should've gotten married when i was 14. lol. things like that. anywho my mother start yelling at me telling me to shut up! shut up!, mind you he is the one that is insulting me im just defending myself shes not saying a word to him. i could see she was enjoying him insulting me humiliating me. she wanted me to pretty much let him get away with insulting me. eventually i started crying. (i hate to admit it but he got what he wanted he made me cry)angry and she went with him to watch tv and talked to him and his wife like they where best he hadn't done nothing wrong, she didn;t even care to comfort her own daughter. she keeps trying to push my buttons ever since that day. but i honestly am talking to her very nicely. im hanging in there by a thread i don't want to do anything i will regret later on. so! im moving out in about 2 weeks. i'll be getting my first apartment i pray that everything goes great. i don't have a guarrantor, thats my main concern but im remaining hopeful that everything will turn out great. and i never want to see this women AGAIN! EVER! 2 b continued.
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wow sorry tht happend, u should try to leave them behind n move on forward with a new life. if u can try to move out, don't tell them jus keep it a secret n do it

lucky you...u get to move out soon.i dont gotta dad either(never met him)and my mom desparatly needs therapy and anger management classes even tho i started workin at my 1st job and saved enuff money to get her som and she woodnt take it.(it took 4ever to even save up the money)she didnt want therapy and her boyfriend who acts like a ten-year-old sed i am stupid for even metionin brother and sisters hate me as well and im stuk in a house with rats and roaches and god nos wat else mom complains bout me eatin 2 much wen i barely eat at all(if u dont believe me com see for urself)1 time i didnt eat for 4 days cuz she had a monthly prob and got mad at me everytime i tried to hav a meal for god sake.i wish i cood move out lol.........

thanx guys. i feel much better.

turn this negative into a positive Pray pray pray

You know at the end of the day we still have to respect our parents. If we don't our days will be short.<br />
Of course it is going to bother you. But do something else. Look I know. I was the black sheep and my dad used to tell me that he doesn't like me. Celebrate your b day with friends. Don't let it bother you anymore. Do something constructive. You said you could write a novel. Start it. That can help alot of other people that are going through the same thing. Even put it on the internet.

wow. i can't believe you actually stuck by his side. you are very forgiving. im not so much. i know why my mother treats me the way she does. i look like my fathers sisters. they bullied my mom when she was a teenager, alot. (my mother got married when she was 14) and they made her life a living hell. when she sees them she's so nice to them, (i think because deep down she still fears them) but she takes all of her anger out on me. when she gets mad at me those are the first words to come out of her mouth. "you are just like your fathers sisters" so you're right she is holding all her anger in all her resentment tours them she keeps it to herself when she's around them, they kiss her *** now b/c they are dirt poor and my mother is middle class but in our country which is a third world country she is considered rich. anyways my mom takes out all her anger on me because she takes advantage that im her daughter and will never put my hands on her so she uses me as her emotional punching bag. i can't forgive her robincp, maybe after she dies the bad memories will fade somewhat and i might forgive her then, but not now. its out of my hands right now. i can't help how i feel. thanks for sharing your story with me. and thanks for the advice.

My dad died at age 60, only a few years ago. I had things against him like he not only turned his back on me when I had my first child and I was almost 16, but he told me if I wanted to keep my baby that I couldn't come home and my baby wasn't welcome in his house. After my baby and I went to live with my grandma, he didn't want me to have my little check I was receiving because of my mother's death (which HE actually received it and I never saw any of it as long as it came to him in his name). After I applied for the check to start coming to me and it was granted, he called and told me to stick it all up **********. I received nothing from him for my 16th birthday, and he has never given me a gift since. Cards yes, but no gifts nor has he given my children gifts. No calls. No visits. If I saw him, I had to be the one to travel 8-10 hours down the interstate to see him. Then he was having major heart attacks and got on disability. Had to sell his home and go live with his parents and finally into an apt. He became perverted and started watching a lot of sex movies and seriously developed a trash mouth. Everything was sexual to him. We all avoided him until he changed that behavior. He calmed down a lot but lived a very sedentary life and didn't eat right and continued chain smoking, which is something else that deterred me. Eventually he developed cancer and it spread to his brain and lungs, which took his life at age 60. He looked much older than 60 though. Very sad. But before he died, I prayed with him and during the prayer, he took a nap and woke up at the end of the prayer with a peaceful smile on his face. I believe he returned to the Lord before he died, but there is a huge void in my life of having a closeness with him. Oh, I did as a child, but that all changed. You see, my dad was driving the family home one day from vacation when a truck hit us broadside, and it was a tragic accident that took my mother's life. She was 30, I was 8, and my sister was 4. My dad was 32. No one really knows how much that messed him up because they were in love and we had a very normal, quiet, loving family. I wish I could have at least did a few more things with my dad and made a few more memories to hold on to, but I have very little. My current mother-in-law, wow!, what a negative, toxic person she is!! I despise to be around her, and she has said many hurtful things to me and about me. It was only a few years ago when she was visiting that she for some reason I don't know about decided to tell me about her own tragedy. She was molested by her own dad when she was a young girl still at home, and no one ever came to her rescue and defended her. She's hard, bitter, warped, non-social, and negative. She's downright mean alot. But it all became clear when she told me what had happened that made her this way. She is still too hard to be around to this day, but I no longer ridicule her for being how she is. People have many secrets, and parents often hide the hurtful things from their children in an effort to try to protect them. I am wondering if your mother is doing just that. I wonder if she has her own tragedy or tragedies. I wonder if she is unable to find her healing and that is why she is the way she is. I pray you will be able to forgive her and have compassion on her, even if you must love her at a distance for a while in order to get your own healing and be able to see things from a different light. God values us all just as we are. Through Jesus and his work on the cross we can have complete peace in our hearts from God, the One whose opinion really matters in this world. Blessings of all kinds to you and your family!!

now she just walked out, on her way to work. i haven't done anything to this lady. but she's the one that is mad at me. she didn't even say bye and kept looking at me with this evil look she gives.i swear if someone told me your mother died this morning i think i would cry just because im overly sensitive like that. (i hate that about myself) but i wouldn't miss she is such a mean person to me. i don't want her in my life.