I Divorced My Family, And It Was The Best Thing I Ever Did!

I don't understand why "other" people think families are so wonderful.  My parents raised paper dolls and tore them into strips with great regularity.   I had to run away and use a lot of scotch tape to put the pieces back together.  It is my greatest hope in life to become at least a three dimensional doll before I die.  You see, paper dolls aren't allowed to have emotions, or their own thoughts and dreams.  I can only hope that three dimensional dolls get to experience some of those things.  I certainly dare not become a person, because I was never allowed to experience any emotions other than my mother's and those aren't any I'd like to revisit. 

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7 Responses Dec 20, 2010

Took the words out of my mouth!

paper dolls is a great way to describe it. I wish you a quick and happy journey..hope you get all you dreamed of and more!

My family is eccentric and mean. All they do is fight, dig out dirt to argue about, and otherwise are EXTREMELY boring. I hate being with my mother. All she does is complain and is too timid to do anything. She thinks having fun is associated with stupidity, so she likes to be dumb and always find something to complain about. I had lived with her for so long, that didn't realize how miserable she tried to make herself. Lately, I learned the term "personal poverty" and realized how she raised me to feel. I hate this woman. She has turned her anger into hypochondria and can't handle any stress.

I confronted my abusive mother after being a victim for 43years I spoke to my children about the beatings mental abuse I endured I ask my parents to admit what they have done and ask me for forgiveness and we could move forward and that I could no longer keep the abuse I endured to myself. What happened next my son acted like I was crazy my mother denied everything and I told all of my family that because of there lack of concern for me that I will no longer have contact with any of them it was a tough decision but I must stand my ground it has given me power and sadness it has been two months.

While I'm sure my situation is quite different, I've experienced something similar. I'm still in the "is this real" phase, though.

That is sad but i can fully understand!!

This brought tears to my eyes. I'm so sorry for your pain. Your hope is my hope, too. Best of luck on your journey.