I Hate My Family.

So I'm 16 and everyone in my family drives me crazy. My mom is a ***** who whines at the stupidest things, and then when her day is bad she takes it out on me by screaming at me and making me give her my phone. My dad is never around because he is always at work and whenever he is at home he either 1) sleeps or 2) plays video games with my brother. He never takes the time to talk to me or ask me how I'm doing. My older sister is always a PMS-y ***** who always has her boyfriend over which just ****** me off because they are always in the basement and even when I ask her nicely she says no. My little sister is a self obsessed miscreant. She plays her little bubblegum pop songs on repeat every night while I try to go to sleep and when I tell her to turn it off, she's like "You're not the boss of me, so shut the hell up." She wakes up in a bad mood, and is a ***** all day. She doesn't realize how annoying she is, even when my mom tells her she is....I just hate all of them so much. I tel them that when I leave for college I am not going to comeback to visit. And I know when I have kids I'm not going to let them meet them. Gosh. Can someone tell me how to deal with them? I have tried ignoring them....but it didn't work because they would just annoy me more. I don't have many friends, so I can't leave to hang out with them...
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1 Response May 22, 2011

i have a really stupid family like yours. i have friends, but im never allowed to hang out with them. i feel like running away every freaking day. i hate them all, hang it there, cause college is gonna be amazing, and i will never have to see their ugly faces again.