I Wish My Family Were Normal

Were Do I start.
My Mum Is An Old Time Raver Who Has Been Smoking Weed For 20+ Years She Is A Single Mum So When She Was Raising Us We Didnt Have Very Much between Me And My Younger Sister So When I was Little I Had A Weird Thiefing Stuff Because I Never Had All The Cool Things My Friends Had So i Would Walk Into Shops And Take What I wanted.
And My Dad Was Useless He Was Just A Baby Making Machine With 3 Different Women Plus He Never Gave Eny Of Us Money Because Times Where Hard Then I use To Have To Beg As A Child To Get New School Uniform And Clothes.
I Use To Want To Live With My Dad Because Because i Hated Living With My Mum.
My Dad Was A Useless Stone Head He Wasnt Even There At My Mums Birth He Was In Prison For Drug Smuggling
We Dont Have My Family So Other Than My mum And Dad I had My Aunt And 3 Cuisens My Aunty Is Just A Junkie Sponger She Dont Work Even Know Shes Able She Lives In A Caravan Alone With A Cat Plus She Batrayed My Mum In The Most Biggest Way.
xXBonnieBobXx xXBonnieBobXx
18-21, F
Aug 15, 2011