I Can't Take It Anymore

I hate my family so much. I live with my mom and my 11 year old brother, my dad left us 5 years or so ago but I still talk to him. I know hate is not a good word when describing family but I do not know what else to say. My 11 yeard old brother is so annoying, he cries and gets mad about everything, sometimes I wish he would just man up or shut up. My mom, because of her the family is doing badly. She took out a loan and gave the title of my car for it. I have to pay the loan before my car gets picked up. She has made it clear that she doesn't care even though she took out the loan. My dad on the other hand, he left us to be with some other lady who in the end left him, which makes me happy. I blame him for all the bad things that have been happening to us. We used to be good when it came to money, then my mom got stupid and now we're in debt. I seriously want to move out already. I want to have my own place and never see these people again. It's clear that my parents are not getting back together. My dad does not help us with money, My mom doesn't know what she wants, all she cares about is her boyfriend and HER problems. My brother is annoying as heck and I hate how he always gets his way. Only person I love in the family is my dog, crazy, I know. Anyways, in a way I feel better, letting my emotions out on this. There are some days that I just cannot take it. I wish I were dead but I know that being dead won't solve my problems, gotta keep my head up and solve my problems because honestly I am on my own. I feel so alone, sometimes I wonder what happened to this so-called family, how did we get so screwed, I wish my parents were good parents like the ones my friends have, oh well that's life.
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foosheezoo foosheezoo
18-21, F
Nov 13, 2011