I am 17, and I don't connect with my family. I have two friends one of which takes me in over weekends. When I am round hers I feel like part of a family. Since I was young I wanted to be part of a proper family, sit down at dinner, talk to each other and know how it feels to be loved. My sister and brother are loved and I hate the different treatment  we get, they get everything and get away with everything. I don't if i go out my parents don't care they dont care if i have money or house keys or even when I am coming home. I stayed a week round my friends and they did not ring once to see if i was ok, thats all i wanted a simple phone call but i never got it.

They don't care how i am doing in school, when i have a parents evening they come but sit there and don't talk, they don't even talk to me, and don't ask the teachers how i am doing or how i can improve. I just want them to care, but i know they won't. I have come to realise the fact that they won't care for me but now i am struggling to live in this house with them, i don't know what i can do to support myself and how to deal with them. 
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Find some one that you can trust and that cares about you and talk to them and hopefully they can help you get through this till you can get on your own and then you can make the rules and the things that happen in your home is up to you.