I Rather Be An Orphan From The First Day Of My Life

I've had enough of staying in a home that treats me like a convict and frames me for everything I did not do. Many people desire a family out there, but what is the point of having a family that is no better than your enemies? Born as a middle child and a black sheep, I never ask too much from my family, or rather, I never even asked anything from them. I grew up in my own world and live on my own effort, I am grateful and happy enough to be just that. I never even go ask for trouble, all I ever wanted is just a plain and simple life, but people always find excuses to point fingers at me, these "people" I'm talking about is non other than my own family. How surprised is it when people outside; my boss, my colleagues, my friends trust me more than they ever did. Ironic and funny it is that people that I know outside gave me more credit than I ever had from them. In their eyes, I'm nothing more but a lone wolf, a black sheep, and an ugly duckling. A shame to the family. I've lived my childhood and teen through all this, and it's time to put an end to this. I've had enough, I grew up living without affection and I can go on forever living without it. Honestly, the word "family" disgusts me, I find it repulsive no matter how the world interprets it. To me, family is just an empty void in my life, a lie, a place of deception where I am forever a criminal.

I'm going to finish my Bachelor Degree soon enough, and when I have, I'm going to move on. Away from this place, from this family, to somewhere I can finally find my own happiness. I'll never come back again, ever... This part of my life, I will erase it forever from my memories.
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2012

I agree with you I'm still in high school I'm about to go to college the day I move out to go to college, I don't plan on coming back to visit these lying **** bags, I somehow wish it were possible if they all could die, I'm changing my last name my number and not telling them were I'm going, I would have rathered my mother killed me wen I was born than to bare the site of those people, I'm disowning them all and I want a permanent divorce from my so called family

Hi....we are going through the same predicament with you.. I am also middle in the family and the black sheep and i am so fed up i wish i could go to another country and forget all about them... My mother is a ******* control ***** who wants to control every1 to their death. Every other person is nothing but a *****, whoring everywhere in this world..May God help them and bless these perverts.