Uncle John Can Go Burn In Hell

Ok, i love my family. For the most part. My uncle john is that exception. I was living with my grandmother for a while when my uncle suggested i come out there. I said ok, and i went with a smile (i was very self confident and optimistic at the time). The first few days were good, i got myself settled out there, and i even got my first girlfriend. But then school started. He turned all nazi on me and demanded i get all A+'s, or else i would not be able to see my gf. After a while of him yelling at me in the car one day, he got very angry and randomly clenched his fist at me at a red light. Having been abused before, i expected what was coming. But i cant believe someone would attack a poor defensless teenager while trapped in a car. But heres the kicker! When i decieded to move back to my grandmothers, i asked to say goodbye to my girlfriend, Danielle. But he was like, thats all you ever think about, isn't it? He refused to let me say goodbye to the most amazing person in the world. WELL GUESS WHAT UNCLE JOHN YOU LITTLE B**** A** MOFO, I HOPE YOURE HAPPY NOW I HAVE NO SELF CONFIDENCE CUZ OF YOU AND I THINK ABOUT DANIELLE EVERY NIGHT AND I JUST CRY MY HEART OUT. GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!
sammyboy2297 sammyboy2297
Apr 22, 2012