Favored Child

My whole life my brother has played competitive soccer. He had practice four nights a week, I was forced to go. He had games every weekend, I was forced to go. Sometimes he even had sunday camps out of town that lasted 9 hours, I was forced to go. When I asked if I could do a sport or activity, the answer was always no because my parents said it "conflicts too much with Mitchell's soccer." so my childhood was awful. Even now, nothing has changed. He's the kid they say "I'm so proud of you son." he's the kid they ask about his day. He's the kid they use his opinion for what to eat for dinner. He's that kid. He's the special one. The better one. They favor him completely. For every situation possible. They spend as much time with him that they can. They ask me why I can't be more like him. They ask me why I can't be as easy, smart, and talented as him. I have no response. Other than "you loved him more."
Cupcakebabyyy Cupcakebabyyy
Apr 23, 2012