I Feel As If My Family Likes To See Me Unhappy

It never fails....no matter what I do they always have something to say or they want to put me down. Especially my cousin. I feel as if she gets a kick out of hurting my feelings. Recently I have been telling off a few family members because they are so use to be being quiet and keeping everything bottled up and Im sick of it. I feel as if my family doesnt really know me at all. They know my name, my birthday, my son's name his birthday and thats it. They never tried to get to know me as a person but they feel as if they need to judge me for what i have done. Yes i had a child at 20 and his father isnt around BUT Im going to school I moved out at the age of 23 and Im doing everything on my own with no help from them. I dont know why they hate me so much. They even yell at my son alot and talk about him....my son is 3 1/2....I just dont get it. Im to the point where Im going to become even more distant because I cant deal with the bs. I need postive people on my side and not people who always want to bring me down.
Sb88 Sb88
26-30, F
May 21, 2012