I Hate My Family So Much

My brother is so spoilt and selfish. He always acts like hes all little and cute because hes the younggest but hes like 10 its so annoying. He has such a bad dress sense that its embarrasing to be near him. And my parents are like he can do what he wants i hate it. Whats worse is that he takes this attitude to another level, and constantly annoys me. Then i lose my temper , so i get in trouble
My sister is older than me but so naive and indescisive. She thinks that everything is happy and applies no logic to anything. she skipped across a main road in sydney in front Of about 75 people and shes like 17. She did it because she thought people would be concerned if she ran, but if she skipped people would go oh shes happy! No they didnt, people behind me thought she was a retard. Then her values are so stupid. She had a massive rage because i was sitting in the front seat. Shes so inconsiderate of other people too, partially because shes naive. We were shopping for a BIRTHDAY CARD for her friend and she made the shop have to stay open for a extra half hour, and i ended up not getting something i needed. Then she tries to act all mature and more important than me by calling me sweetie. I HATE her!
My parents are so annoying. They think theyre so cool and whenever i go shopping with my mum, i might pick out something more flashy and she makes me feel all stupid and embarrased. they never leave me alone, have such a bad dress sense and are so embarrasing in so many ways.
Whats worse is all my friends live ages away so i never have anyone to talk to
lolsadness lolsadness
13-15, F
Jul 29, 2012