My Sister, The Manipulative Egotist And My Mother, The Abusive Bully

I just feel like there's no way out, ever. The main problem is my sister. She's a year and a half younger, a head taller, half as skinny and twice as pretty and she knows this too well. She prattles on about how insecure, shy and innocent she is, whenever she gets the chance, and most people believe her because she's so damn perfect. The honest to God truth is that she's narcasisstic and fake, but why would that matter, as long as she's pretty? Everyone assumes that I'm a total and complete heartless ***** (using a direct quote from my best friend) before I even open my mouth.
My sister has spent the last 12 years eyeing up all my friendships and swooping in, when she's sussed them out, and steals them from me, just so she can see me unhappy. I'm not exaggerating either, she discards them as soon as she selects another target.
She also manipulates our mother into giving her money, claiming to give half to me, but she keeps it all for herself.
Usually the friend theft doesn't bother me, but recently she stole someone I genuinely felt really close to and it really affected me badly.

There's so many things I could list about her, but I just went for what's upsetting me at this particular time because I feel the situation doesn't sound that bad if I list everything because it literally sounds like I'm exaggerating.

My mother is whole other kind of cruel. She used to be physically abusive, but then it got out of hand when she threw me out of the house 4 years ago and others got involved, so she switched to psychological bullying. I don't want to get into the nitty gritty of it, because I'd be here all night, but the reason I'm upset right now is because I was having a rough day with my sister and my mother was pretending to be concerned, until I actually started talking, which she responded to by walking away, ignoring me and screaming at me that I'm lucky she actually cares because it's unlikely anyone else ever will, and screaming that I'm not appreciative enough of her.

At this point I've no idea how to be happy and I find myself wishing that I was sleeping in the street, because at least I won't feel this terrible there.
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When you want something bad enough, you can figure out how to achieve it. What happens is that people say they want the change, such as leaving, but come up with all the excuses as to why they can't leave. So we say, "There must be cookies in it for them to make them continue to stay." Sometimes "cookies" come in the form of dysfunctional cookies, and when you've been raised in a dysfunctional household you might not recognize those so-called cookies right off the bat. Your job is not an easy one..advocating for yourself to leave your abusive family. No one said it would be easy, just that it could be worth it. You deserve a quiet, peaceful living environment. There are options besides living on the street. Sometimes people want to draw all the attention to themselves like they are the victim. You will be at your strongest and best if you don't go into victim mode. Yes, theoretically you are the victim of their horrible treatment, but there are people out there who have accomplished incredible things against all odds, and you can do the same. Keep your head up, make sure you are making safe choices - one day at a time..and all that good stuff. You will be so proud of yourself. Good luck!

I know exactly how you feel. However my sister is 21 and her and my mother have this ideal mother daughter relationship but not us, nope, not even close. My mother has physically ripped my hair out practically, hit me, kicked me, eveything including kicking me out. I came back after a month due to college but I found her phone and read how she told me aunt that she was right about what she did, but my mother told her how she laid her hands on me. I'm 19 I will kick her *** if she does it again I hate my sister and once I'm done college in leaving. I would not let them in your life completely, make the right moves and get out and find strength in a new family group-friends.

My sister is like that she always gets everything she wants and they all adore her.if she does anything wrong I always get the blame instead of her.its not easy but you just have to figure out the best way to deal with it until you can leave