I Hate My Family

Family doesn't mean a thing to me. When I turned 12 I realized that the world sucks sometimes but I also noticed a pattern. My family caused me the most pain in the world. For starters the past 3 or so years have been absolutely horrible. It started when I was eleven years old, my granny passed away. She was my dads mom.Before then I had never seen him cry before. I hadn't really got to see my granny very much.I saw her two weeks out of each summer because she lived in Florida. So when she died I was hurt cus I didn't get to see her much as it was.After that I turned twelve and my uncle and I use to talk about how our family sucked.My cousin who use to mean so much to me became a drug attic and prostitute and she lives with a pimp like old man.She use to have several kids who were my cousins and best friends and they all got taken away because she was a drug attic and now i can never see them again because of a mistake she made Also my grandparents are really conservative and tried to push the Christian religion on me and honestly I am an atheist.While I was twelve that same uncle began to molest me.I let it go on for over a year and my parents found out on accident when I turned 13. By then my mother was ready to murder her own brother and she actually got her gun and started to go over their to shoot him. My uncle got arrested but my mother slowly faded away from me. She was still their but not really.She stopped eating as much and lost tons of weight. My family is the type of people who will gossip about anything and spread it around. Almost my whole family is on drugs...got some cousins in jail,crazy people on drugs. And its so bad on my dads side that whenever the family comes over for Christmas we have to lock our bedroom doors. Im fourteen now and about to turn fifteen in February,the only good person in my family is my sister who understands me. Im also going through this phase where I think I might be emo and Im not trying to sound like the typical emo teenager but i hate my family and they dont mean **** to me. I like my sister and thats it. When I graduate high school in three years(Im really smart which is why it will only take three years)Im gonna go to the college farthest away from here and live on my own.Im tired of gossiping sick horrible families.Im good on my own. This whole thing doesn't even describe the pain Im in and sometimes I think about running away but then I realize I have no where to go. I tried moving in with my sister but my mother wont let me.I dont have a family anymore and this past thanksgiving was incredibly awkward for me and my sister so we ditched them and walked to a gas station and got some monsters.I dont have a family so I feel for all the people who have shared their stories. Good luck on your journey to a place with no family and tons of happiness.I know when I get older I wont live here anymore and I wont associate with anyone but my sister and maybe just maybe my father every once in a while.
killerbunnygirl killerbunnygirl
13-15, F
Nov 26, 2012