It's Not A Family, Anymore.

People that live in my family: parents, brother and his wife, his two kids and me. My dad loves his friends and every night they gather up in our house and drink, watch movies, and listen to music. My sister in law always has to set the table for them to eat. Tonight, she didn't help them out, my dad and his friends had to do everything themselves, and she was upstairs cleaning bedrooms. My dads best friend said to my brother, "why doesn't she come out and serve us? does she not want to see our faces or something?" After they all left, including my dad, we got in a huge argument with my mom. My dad ****** up our family. It's not a family, anymore. I don't remember the last time we had a family dinner, it never happens, it hasn't happened for more than five years. I don't want to live here anymore, I wan't to cry but I cant. I want to tell them I will run away from this house but I cant. I can't stand this, there is a fight at home every day. Sometimes I think to myself, "should I even worry about them?" (them meaning my mom, brother, and sister in law). I hate everything in this family. I don't want it anymore. I lost hope for the future and for the people in this "family".
iamsunnyy iamsunnyy
Dec 29, 2012