Im Less Important

I'm the runt family and no body notices me so ever since I was six I've tried to kill my self, first time I tried to strangle my self but my brother stopped me. When I was eight I almost drowned my self and at the age of 12 I picked up a knife held it against my wrist, went to slit and made myself bleed, but nothing happened and I failed ... At the same age my sister was diagnosed with liver failure. I became lucky to just get five minutes alone with my mum. She dropped every thing for her and I realised that my sister was the favourite, any thing she wanted she'd get. A year later I was getting bowl pains and I knew crohnes ran in the family I was cautious and went to see my GP who sent me to go and get blood tests but the day before my sister became more important. I was as white as a sheet but I was made to go to school and all I could do was cry until the nurse had to send me home. I could see my mum was angry but what was I ment to do? Sit in pain for six hours instead of taking my tablets and being comfy my test is tomorrow and I'm so scared. I'm upstairs crying while my family is downstairs I've been up here for hours but I know that none of them have noticed I'm gone
Depressionised Depressionised
13-15, F
Jan 7, 2013