I hate them. They say they won't judge me, and that they always have my back, but the truth is they are the most people who judge. They don't think about anyone but themselves. Specially the 2nd oldest sister, damn that one makes ***** sound like ****. She is the most controlling *****, the most hypocrite persone I have ever met. I hate them all. And the 3rd eldest one oh my ******* god, don't get me started on her. I'm gonna put it short about all four of my sisters... They are all ***** who makes me feel like ****, telling me I gained weight and that I am rude and selfish, and that I don't have any confidence about myself it sickening. When the truth is they made me unconfident, my 2nd eldest, the most one I hate criticized the only thing I like about myself, which my writing. She told me that my stories needs allot of work and actually tried to give me advice when SHE DOES NOT KNOW **** ABOUT WRITING! And she used to tease me about my nose telling me that she prays that it will go back to the way it used to be when I was a kid because it looks like a bloated potato, and that I am the fattest one among them all; well DUH, YOU ARE ALL ANOREXIC, including my youngest sister. I hate them. I hate them. I hate them.
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if you feel you are fat,i think you should lose weight,and if you become thinner,nobody will tease you,after all,they are your family,the closet persons in your life.