My Family I Hate And Love

i hate my family because my family stab me in my back 2 or 3 times and nobody knows what im going throw and some people is so mean !!!!!!!! i just hate my family!!!!!!! and they now i hate them every body do and they say they dont have money but they have money in the bank and in the shoe box some time i just be ten i love them just to get me some thing but i hate them some time i love them i hate my sister because she like to lie i hate my cousin she like to lie and still and my other cousin like to lie and my other cousin is a b............. and my baby cousin i love them but some time i get in fight my sister MOOMOO is 9 my other cousin name SANDRA she is 8 my other cousin OSIRIS is 9 my other cousin HEAVEN is 10 my baby cousin is 1,2 but some time i hate my family. that it about my family.i hope you dont get stab on you back. thank you for reading that my stroy bye
pjmonkly pjmonkly
Jan 16, 2013