My Life Then And Now

As a baby I was put up for adoption by my mother (i am hispanic) and was later then adopted by a wonderful loving family (they are white) who showed me alot of love as I grew up they became a little distant but were always around and everything was great, it wasnt until I turned 18 and became pregnant with twins girls that my family showed their true colors(my husband is hispanic which my family didnt like), they called less and didnt invite me over as often (I raised my oldest sisters daughter until she was 3 all my sibling except 1 has kids I am the youngest of 5) after my son was born they stopped calling altogether and dont invite me over except for birthday parties. After our father passed they all jumped down my mothers throat about money and what she should be doing and how she should live her life they wouldnt let her get a word in so for the first time I spoke up and they all got pissed off....My siblings all live in luxurious houses and are considered middle upper, my only sibling that still lives with my mom and hasnt settled down is more welcomed into the family then I am and its ok for him to live off mom, I am middle lower and we all came from a lower lower class at one point till our mom and dad decided to move us in 1996 when everything changed......anyway, they all say its my fault cause I dont call yet when i do they always say they are busy and will call back they never do, my oldest brother has been married 3 times and his wives were more welcomed into the family then I ever was especially this new one, shes really sweet and really nice and i like her but she spends more time with my family then I ever got to and it sickens me to where i hate her.....they are more accepting of a new person in the family then their own sister, my mother doesnt even call me anymore she spends more time talking to my siblings....I hate them all for all the pain they make me feel, I was always there for them no matter what and I gave up my teen years and only went to school from 8am-12pm to take care of their kids, i gave up dating and going to movies so they could go out at night, I hate them cause I never had a life cause I was always to busy taking care of their kids....Now that I have my own kids its different, i ask them one time to watch my kids just once so my husband and i could go out (it was our anniversary) and at the last minute its I cant i just got the flu or some other crap and i have only asked once and i havent ever since. I have never met a family who is so two faced, discreetly racist and forgot where they came from I truly hate them with a passion and anytime I think of them it makes me cry cause now i know how they truly feel about me.
tormented666 tormented666
22-25, F
Jan 23, 2013